About CAA


Causal Activity Analysis Pty Ltd ‘CAA’ has made a breakthrough in the field of data analytics through the development of Causality Algorithms that with a high degree of reliability, have discovered causal relationships within historic and realtime complex time series data sets.

This breakthrough is a holy grail of data analysis as it finally achieves the long sought after ability to resolve Cause and Effect that has laid hidden within data, ever since data has been collected for the purposes of scientific, commercial and public analysis.

The Causality Algorithm based CAA software has been developed in recent years by the company’s founder, Dr John Galloway AM. It follows a lifetime of continuous work in the data analysis of complex systems and his development of one of the first successful correlational based data analysis software NetMap, the forerunner of CAA.

Dr Galloway was awarded an AM (Member of the Order of Australia) in 2015 in recognition of his innovative developments in the field of data analytics, including algorithms and software used by many of the world’s top intelligence agencies to identify and bring criminals to justice; these included the infamous Bali Bombers, Australia’s most notorious serial killer the Backpackers murderer Ivan Milat, and many other cases, mostly elusive and difficult to solve by more traditional means.


Currently based in Sydney Australia with an office in London UK, CAA has a diverse range of clients, international clients in oil and gas, mining and their related services companies, with state healthcare organisations and with digital agencies and their consumer product clients looking to discover insights in their sales data.

Additionally CAA is working on developing the Causality Engine applications for Smart Technology Companies for integration within their IIOT, Edge Device and Wearables products operating systems, firmware and software backends; A next gen Smart Mortgage Fintech company to analyse and provide ML based AI insights into market interests movements and customer behavioural patterns; A company producing a Semi Rigid Wing technology system for Wind Assisted Shipping directly to maritime fleets, to analysis a wide range of meteorological and sea state sensor data collected during transits, to optimise performance that will further reduce the ships fuel consumption and accordingly its harmful emissions.


CAA never stands still and continues to evolve and further develop its key Causality Search Engine to gain further insights into providing increasing levels of actionable insights in Causal Relationships and develop and provide CAA Software through a SaaS Platform Secure Cloud Service in 2021…

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