CAA Services

Direct Client CAA Implementation

CAA provides direct implementation services to commercial and industrial clients globally, including current CAA Programmes in Oil & Gas Healthcare and Consumer Products.

Direct implementation involves initial client meetings to develop a problem matrix enabling a sensor data map of time series data slices to be monitored assessed and results reported.

Custom Client CAA Applications

CAA provides clients with custom applications development utilising the Causality Engine as a Backend monitoring realtime data sensors or live feeds to populate frontend User Interfaces.

Direct implementation provided by CAA involves an initial client meeting to develop a problem matrix enabling a data map sensor nodes to be identified in the problem area of the business.

CAA SaaS Applications Cloud

CAA is developing its Proprietary Causality Engine Algorithms to be integrated into a series of industry specific market segment application modules for cloud access by subscriber clients.

The CAA SaaS platform will be available in 2021 for enterprise customers and industry segment VARs who will be provided with a customisable tool box for client implementations.